The Law Offices of Schmidt, Isgrigg, Anderson & Miller can effectively assist clients with probate matters, ranging from simple wills to complex estate settlements.

Probate can be simply described as a means of transferring title to property. Obviously, once a person dies, that person is no longer able to transfer title to property titled in their name. Probate is a procedure for transferring title of the decedent's property to the persons entitled to it.

Decedent Estate Information

Below is a listing of helpful documents and information that should be collected to aid in the process of estate matters:

  • Death Certificate.
  • Will/Trust with all Codicils and Amendments.
  • Any Gift Letters.
  • Names, addresses and Social Security Number of all:
    • Heirs: Family who would receive the estate if the deceased had died without a Will.
    • Interested Parties: Any person or organization named in the deceased individual's Will or Trust who are not Heirs.
    • Beneficiaries: An individual or organization named in the Will or Trust of the deceased.
  • List of any heirs or devisees that have a legal disability.
  • List of all assets (personal stocks, bonds, bank accounts, and real estate). Bring copies of account documents and deeds.
  • Name and address of the Personal Representative, banking institution, place of employment. Also, provide the Personal Representative's Social Security Number and date of birth.


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